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International cooperation

In terms of wheat production, Kazakhstan is among the leading countries of the world. Production of cereals in the country not only allows to meet the domestic demand for grain, but also maintain a relatively high export potential each year, with the account of carryover stocks of previous years.

The main competitive advantages of the Kazakh wheat on the world grain market are high quality characteristics – rich in protein (protein) (over 12.5%) and wet gluten (23-30%), which improve the quality of the produced flour and, ultimately, bakery products. Each year, the share of grain of 1-3 grades in Kazakhstan amounts to at least 70% of the gross yield.

One of the main strategic directions of the Corporation activity is the development of export of the Kazakh grain.

In this area, the Corporation contributes to the development of the export potential of the Kazakh grain and takes part in the expansion of the infrastructure for the storage and export of grain.

The Corporation also works on the development of new markets for the Kazakh grain, including markets of China, South-East Asia and the Persian Gulf states.

Moreover, to promote export of the Kazakh grain and cooperation in the grain market, the Corporation takes an active part in the work of the bilateral intergovernmental commissions on cooperation between the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries.

Also, the Corporation is in direct contact with the state organizations affiliated to the Governments of major countries - importers of the Kazakh grain, such as the Agency for State Material Reserves of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Fund of State Material Reserves of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Government Trading Corporation of Iran (GTC), the Chinese National Company COFCO Corporation (COFCO ), the United Grain Company of the Russian Federation (UGC) and others.