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About the Company

"Ak Biday - Terminal" JSC

The Grain Terminal "Ak Biday - Terminal" JSC is located on the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea in the seaport of Aktau in Kazakhstan.

The terminal was built as part of the "Agricultural food program of the Republic of Kazakhstan", approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on June 5, 2002 number 889, which is aimed at stabilizing and expanding export of grain, especially in the countries of the Caucasus region and the Middle East.

The sole shareholder of the terminal is the "National Company" Food Contract Corporation" JSC.

In 2007, the modernization of the enterprise was held. The terminal was extended by a high-tech equipment manufactured by leading companies in the world, which increased the capacity of the terminal to 600,000 tons of grain a year.

  • The terminal has 11 silos for temporary storage of grain totaling 22.5 thousand tons. The production capacity of transport communications terminal for handling up to 350 tons of grain per hour, making it possible to take from rail cars to 3 million tons of grain a day, and  ship  up to 4 million tons of grain a day in the sea-going vessels.
  • The terminal operates around the clock, equipped with active ventilation, high-precision electronic scales and automated management of the entire process cycle, allowing to provide high quality services.