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"Astyk Koymalary" LLP

The "Astyk Koymalary" LLP was established by the Board of Directors of "NC "Food Contract Corporation" JSC dated November 3, 2003, and "NC "Food Contract Corporation" JSC is the sole member of the partnership.

Certificate of state registration of "Astyk Koymalary" LLP is  № 14867-1901-LLP of November 6, 2003. The main activity of the partnership are as follows: storage, drying, reprocessing,  wheat processing.

Manufacturing plants are located in Akmola and North Kazakhstan regions.

The "Astyk koymalary" LLP performs the following activities:

  • services for the acceptance/shipment of grain on road and rail transport;
  • services for grain drying and reprocessing to the required standard conditions;
  • facilities for the storage of grain, in compliance with the order of storage, as well as measures to ensure their quantitative and qualitative safety;
  • produces flour products.

The company has all the necessary production and transportation infrastructure on qualitative provision of services.

The "Astyk Koymalary" LLP includes 4 grain enterprises total storage capacity of over 490 thousand tons of grain.

The main objective of the company is to provide quantitative and qualitative safety of grain located in custody.