Phone: +7 (7172) 591-232;

Fax: +7 (7172) 317-366;


Helpline: +7 (7172) 591-284.

Agricultural products purchasing department:

 +7 (7172) 591-222, 591-248;

Commercial department:

+7 (7172) 591-276, 591-241

Supervisory Board


Zhenis Kapassov

Managing director - the member of the Board of the "NC "Food Contract Corporation" JSC, Chairman of the Supervisory Board;


Veronika V. Istomina 

Director of Risk management and internal control department of "NC "Food Contract Corporation" JSC, member of the Supervisory Board;


Bahtyar М. Murzahmetov

General manager of Distressed debts department of "NC "Food Contract Corporation" JSC,  member of the Supervisory Board;


Alibek A. Isin

General manager of Legal department of "NC "Food Contract Corporation" JSC,  member of the Supervisory Board;


Zhanat A. Kapakova

Chief specialist of the Department for working with assets and distressed debts LLP "Expert Agricultural Company", secretary of the Supervisory Board.